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Learn about the principles and practice of coaching from our expert tutors, and unravel the power of coaching.

Delve into the power of coaching in driving personal and professional growth.

  • Date and Time: As scheduled and agreed with the client
  • Location: Client’s office (Virtual and In-person)
  • Programme Duration: 2 days

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Why Choose Us?

Why Train With

Whether you are looking to coach within your company or foster relationships with external clients, coaching is an essential skill that will bring forth positive change in individuals and organisations alike.

At Kompass Consultancy, we work with you to discover your own signature presence. Through our unique experiential style, we train you to become a qualified executive coach in Dubai and worldwide.

3 Benefits of Becoming
an Accredited Coach

  1. Increased Credibility

    Accreditation instantly increases your credibility as a coach which can help you win the trust of potential clients and build long-term relationships with them.
  2. Opportunities for Growth

    Accreditation allows you to take your coaching career to the next level and reach new heights. You’ll be able to expand your network and gain better job opportunities.
  3. Enhanced Skill Set

    Accreditation helps equip coaches with an enhanced skillset. You’ll be able to provide your clients better service with the latest tools and techniques in the industry. Accredited coaches are more capable of adding value to their client’s lives by helping them achieve their goals faster.


About The Coaching Skills Training Programme

Kompass Consultancy ideated the Coaching Skills training as a two-day programme that will introduce you to the principles and practice of coaching. Here, we’ll teach you how to make use of an effective four-stage model that enables you to build a coaching culture in your workplace. Moreover, we’ll help you discover the coaching style that is right for you.
The Coaching Skills training is intended for corporate individuals who are qualified for executive or business coaching. Experienced internal and external coaches, HR practitioners, Learning and Development (L&D) professionals, as well as managers will greatly benefit from this in-house programme.

A Step Closer to Accreditation

Kompass Consultancy offers the Coaching Skills Certificate programme as the gateway to our suite of highly accredited coach development programmes. Note that this is a certificate level programme and not an accreditation, meaning you will only receive a certificate of attendance from the AoEC upon completion.

The Coaching Skills Certificate does not qualify you as an accredited coach. However, 12 hours from this training can be logged as coaching hours for when you apply for accreditation with your preferred coaching body. 

Why take this programme?

8 Reasons Why You Should Get the Coaching Skills Certificate

discover coaching

Consider this Coaching Skills training as an entry-level programme which will cover the fundamentals and application of coaching in the workplace.

The Coaching Skills Certificate is the first step in your journey to becoming an accredited coach. You will need to undergo this training before you can advance to the Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching programme.

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In-house Training of
Small Groups

Kompass Consultancy designed the Coaching Skills Certificate Programme for organisations interested in developing their teams or looking to invest in the training of individual employees.

Our expert Kompass faculty will go to your organisation’s office and train a maximum of 16 corporate individuals in leadership or management roles. This limit is meant to facilitate high-quality and focused learning.

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Acquire Essential
Coaching Skills

Kompass outlined this certificate programme to introduce you to essential coaching skills such as listening, questioning, mirroring, paraphrasing, and summarising. Moreover, you’ll find out how to use these core competencies in coaching conversations.

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Experience the
GROW Coaching Model

Know how to get from point A to B and lead others to make developmental opportunities. This widely used coaching model helps individuals set Goals, establish their Reality, find Options, and discern what they Will do.

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Practise Coaching

Fine-tune your interpersonal skills by mastering how to structure developmental and performance management conversations. Kompass faculty will guide you on how to build rapport, manage expectations, and set goals with your future coachee.

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From day one, you will be working in small groups which includes your coach, coachee, and observer. This way you can learn from doing. You’ll also gain more confidence in your skills as you apply constructive feedback from faculty and peers in real-time.

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Learn From the
Best Coaches

All Kompass faculty members are accomplished and qualified coaches in their own right. Every one of us can provide insights from real experiences.

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Gain Professional Training
and Global Reach

The AoEC has a remarkable reputation for providing training and accredited training for nearly 25 years.

Through our Global AoEC Partners, Kompass Consultancy is capable of conducting trainings globally and in several different languages.

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Meet Our Industry-Renowned Kompass Faculty

Leila Rezaiguia
Executive & Systemic Team Coach...

Leila is a highly sought-after multi-lingual Executive, Systemic Team Coach, Coach Trainer, Accredited Coach Supervisor and ICF Mentor Coach with over 25 years, in public and private sectors. She’s been working with leading organisations and individuals to enhance productivity, maximise performance, and accelerate growth across 5 continents. She is renowned for her high energy, enthusiasm, passion, fun-loving nature, and her love for building connections, empowering and working with people from diverse cultures. She is passionate about 1:1 & Systemic Team Coaching, Coach Training, Coaching Supervision, Women in Leadership and Wholehearted Creativity. She works with her clients in English, Arabic and French.

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Ebru Goksu Yildirim
Executive, Leadership & Systemic...

Ebru is an empowering, creative, and growth oriented ICF Certified executive, leadership and team coach, facilitator, mentor and a trainer. She’s been coaching and mentoring individuals, executives, and teams since 2011. She has a BA in Economics, and is a Marketing Communications Expert with almost 20 years of experience, which she gained through working in different fields of Advertising and Marketing in the MENAT region. During her corporate experience, she held senior roles in the region where she led large businesses and teams. She works with individuals and teams by staying true to her life-purpose of ‘unlocking potential’. She works with her clients in English and Turkish.

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Irene Riad
Founder and CEO, SIGHTcet, Albania

Irene is a multi-lingual Executive, Career and Systemic Team Coach and ICF PCC with over 20 years, in public and private sectors, working with leading organizations and individuals to enhance productivity, maximize performance, and accelerate growth. Her subject matter expertise lies in executive coaching, systemic team coaching, leadership assessment and development, high potential pipeline development, talent and performance management, as well as learning and development. She works with her clients in English and Arabic.

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Hanan Al Harthy
Executive & Systemic Team Coach...

Hanan is an accomplished professional with extensive leadership experience in developing and executing the human development strategies to drive sustainable business and cultural changeover the past 21 years of her professional career. Her experience includes leadership development, community/society development, executive coaching. She is particularly attracted to companies undergoing change, transforming a business model to accommodate growth and corporate diversification. She works with her clients in English and Arabic.

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Jennifer Minturn
Lina El Assaad
Lina El Assaad


Frequently Asked Questions
Anyone who would like to:
  • Learn about coaching 
  • Harness existing coaching skills and get an ICF certification  
  • Improve their management techniques  
  • Attain leadership and development roles
  • Become a Manager and/ Or Leader as Coach  
  • Become more efficient in the workplace or motivate others 
Previous in-house programmes by Kompass have catered to management executives across multiple industries including:
  • C-level Executives: CEO, CHRO, CMO, COO, CFO, CTO
  • Directors: Regional Directors, Executive Director, Managing Director, HR Director, Director of Organisation Development
  • SVPs, VPs, GMs
  • Managers, Team Leads, or Section/ Department Heads
  • Human Resource and Talent Development Professionals
  • Leadership and Development roles, L&D Specialists
  • Aspiring leaders who want to add executive coaching skills to their skillset
Kompass Consultancy delivers the Coaching Skills Certificate programme in English and Arabic. 
Kompass Consultancy has set the limit for this coaching skills training to only 16 participants to ensure a high-quality learning experience.
The Coaching Skills Certificate does not make you an accredited coach. However, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) will consider 12 hours of this programme as part of the 60-hour requirement needed to apply for accreditation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level.

When combined with Kompass Consultancy’s Practitioner Diploma Programme, this Coaching Skills Certificate becomes equivalent to 72 Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH).
Two whole days need to be set aside to complete the Coaching Skills Certificate programme. However, it can be split into four half-day sessions to suit your business needs.
The time allotted for this programme will allow managers and leaders to absorb the topics covered in the training fully. By the end of this programme, they’ll be able to incorporate coaching skills into their people development expertise, and be more equipped to begin their journey towards getting a coaching accreditation.

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