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Get a Practitioner Diploma
Executive Coaching

Accredited by: ICF ACSTH, EMCC Practitioner level, AC Recognised Course

Are you an experienced manager, leader, coach, trainer or consultant who wants to add Executive Coaching to your skillset?
  • 28th Oct 2023 - 28th Apr 2024
  • Location: Virtual (Zoom)

4.9/5 Google Reviews


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Why Choose Us?

Why Train
With Kompass?

Whether you are looking to coach within an organisation or you will be working with external clients, the common denominator is that coaching is a skill that will bring about positive change for individuals and organisations.

We work with you to discover your own signature presence and through our unique experiential style, train you to become a qualified executive coach

3 Benefits of Becoming
an Accredited Coach

  1. Increased Credibility
    When you become accredited, you immediately increase your credibility as a coach. This can help you win the trust of potential clients and build long-term relationships with them.
  2. Opportunities for Growth
    Accreditation, allows you to take your coaching career to the next level and reach new heights. Better job opportunities will come your way, and your networking opportunities will increase.
  3. Enhanced Skillset
    Accreditation helps equip coaches with the latest tools and techniques in order to provide better service to their clients. Coaches who are accredited are able to offer more value to their clients and help them achieve their goals faster.


About The Program
Graduating from this programme will provide you with ICF-Level 1 for 62.5 total hours of coach-specific education, EMCC Global Individual Accreditation at Practitioner Level and AC-AACT for Foundation Executive Coach.

Held over a series of 3 two-day modules plus an Assessment Day, participants work with the AoEC’s comprehensive coaching model of Beginnings, Middles and Endings to mirror the Executive Coaching process.

This programme has been accredited by the main internationally recognised coaching bodies - being one of the few triple accredited programmes worldwide – the International Coaching Federation (ICF), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for Coaching (AC). For more details see the PDFs below.



Module 1
Engaging the client
28th & 29th October 2023
Module 2
Deepening the understanding
16th & 17th December 2023
Module 3
Successful review and closure
10th & 11th February 2024
27th & 28th April 2024

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AoEC Practitioner Diploma Exec Coaching
Brochure UAE - Mar 2023
AoEC Practitioner Diploma Exec Info
Sheet UAE - Apr 2023

Our Clients

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Our Alumnis

Rima Eid

VP of HR, Africa, Middle East and India, Air Liquides

4.9/5 Google Reviews

Tracey Jarvis

Head Of Human Resources MEA, Clyde & Co

4.9/5 Google Reviews

Kiran Scare

COO of The Support Legal Group

4.9/5 Google Reviews

“This program has inspired me to develop my own unique meta-model and articulate deeper philosophical underpinning to move from an eclectic to a fully integrated relational approach, that would help to navigate complexities and polarities existing in coaching practice.”

- Confidential

PCC Coach

“Thank you for bringing AoEC Executive Coaching to theUAE, it has transformed my coaching profile completely. I feel so much more at ease now that I have an executive coaching diploma. It has opened up so many professional opportunities to coach, particularly in the corporate industry.”

- Hamira Latif

ACC, CPCC, ORSCC, STC Coach, Imotivecoaching

“Thankful for the opportunity to work with such spirited and experiencedfaculty. A very well organised team. The whole programme has openedmy eyes to new experiences and possibilities. I feel inspired to coach.”

- Suzanne Dougan

Director Compliance, HSBC

“Grateful for an excellent professional coaching training. Itwas very comprehensive in terms of managing a coachingrelationship (beginning, middles and ends), giving overviewon various models and techniques and allowing a practicalexperiential learning experience. Although already certifiedby the ICF as ACC certified, this program has strengthenedand expanded my toolkit to be an even better coach.”

- Delel Chaabouni,

Chief Information Officer, PepsiCo

“Amazing experience - rich material, the pedagogical journey was very efficient and the coaches were really extraordinary. A real life changing 3 module experience, thank you.”

- Pierre Najem

President Notre Dame University Louaize, Lebanon

“This programme has changed my life in a number of ways. From developing a much greater sense of awareness (of myself and others) to understanding how and why | coach, it has been invaluable. The rewards from the Practitioner Diploma will only continue to reveal themselves to me in the weeks and months to come.”

- Confidential

“During my Executive Coaching journey, I have gained remarkable skills and knowledge which empowered my capabilities and enhanced my previous experience. There is no doubt that tis programme has opened a door of new dreams and career opportunities.”

- Dr Lamees Ebrahim AbuHlaiqa

Public health Center - Abu Dhabi Health Authority

“ I collaborated with Kompass consulting and Coach Leila Rezaiguia in two occasions, the first time when I was looking for a coaching certification, where I went into a journey of life changing experience. The second occasion was in a comprehensive group coaching with the senior leadership team in Middle East region, to build the business strategy. Undoubtedly that was an incredible experience by all means.”

-Iyas Seidan

P&C ME & Shisha Int’l Director, JTI

"في البداية نتقدم بجزيل الشكر لاكاديمية ابوظبي الحكومية والقائمين على "برنامج مرشد اكاديمية ابوظبي الحكومية المعتمد"، قام البرنامج باستقطب الكفاءات المواطنة التي لديها الامكانيات والدافع في تدريب الاخرين وتطويرهم مهنيا، لاعتمادهم كمرشدين معتمدين عالميا بهدف تقديم خدمات الارشاد المهني لموظفي حكومة ابوظبي. من خلال البرنامج قامت الاكاديمية بتدريبنا على يد افضل الكفائات ضمن شراكات عالمية رائدة في هذا المجال، يتكون البرنامج من عدة مراحل يحتوي على التدرب النظري والتطبيق العملي تحت اشراف المدربين ويتخللها انشطة تعليمية مثل جلسات النقاش ومنصة التعلم الرقمي. نفخر كوننا الدفعة الاولى وسوف نعمل على تسخير كل هذه المعارف في رفعة امارة ابوظبي ودولة الامارات بسواعد ابناؤها."

-Ali Alkathiri

Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority

The team

Meet Our
Experienced Faculty

Leila Rezaiguia

Executive & Systemic Team Coach

Accredited Coach Supervisor & ICF Mentor Coach

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, KOMPASS

GCC and Levant Partner, Academy of Executive Coaching

Leila is a highly sought-after multi-lingual Executive, Systemic Team Coach, Coach Trainer, Accredited Coach Supervisor and ICF Mentor Coach with over 25 years, in public and private sectors. She’s been working with leading organisations and individuals to enhance productivity, maximise performance, and accelerate growth across 5 continents. She is renowned for her high energy, enthusiasm, passion, fun-loving nature, and her love for building connections, empowering and working with people from diverse cultures. She is passionate about 1:1 & Systemic Team Coaching, Coach Training, Coaching Supervision, Women in Leadership and Wholehearted Creativity. She works with her clients in English, Arabic and French.
Ebru Goksu Yildirim

Executive, Leadership & Systemic Team Coach

AoEC UAE Faculty

Accredited Coach Supervisor & ICF Mentor Coach

Ebru is an empowering, creative, and growth oriented ICF Certified executive, leadership and team coach, facilitator, mentor and a trainer. She’s been coaching and mentoring individuals, executives, and teams since 2011. She has a BA in Economics, and is a Marketing Communications Expert with almost 20 years of experience, which she gained through working in different fields of Advertising and Marketing in the MENAT region. During her corporate experience, she held senior roles in the region where she led large businesses and teams. She works with individuals and teams by staying true to her life-purpose of ‘unlocking potential’. She works with her clients in English and Turkish.
Irene Riad

Founder and CEO, SIGHTcet, Albania

Irene is a multi-lingual Executive, Career and Systemic Team Coach and ICF PCC with over 20 years, in public and private sectors, working with leading organizations and individuals to enhance productivity, maximize performance, and accelerate growth. Her subject matter expertise lies in executive coaching, systemic team coaching, leadership assessment and development, high potential pipeline development, talent and performance management, as well as learning and development. She works with her clients in English and Arabic.
Delel Chaabouni

Executive & Systemic Team Coach

AoEC UAE Faculty

With 25+ years of experience behind her, Delel has successfully delivered turnaround strategies, international business transformation, IT implementation, and digital programmes in multiple industries. In parallel to her coaching, she advises C-Level Executives and their leadership teams on digital strategies and Execution. Delel is a very passionate Executive and Team coach. She coached many Executives from director levels to senior vice presidents as well as diverse leadership teams in understanding business needs and contexts and developing their leadership and influential skills. She works with her clients in English, Arabic and French.
Hanan Al Harthy


Executive & Systemic Team Coach

AoEC UAE Faculty

Hanan is an accomplished professional with extensive leadership experience in developing and executing the human development strategies to drive sustainable business and cultural changeover the past 21 years of her professional career. Her experience includes leadership development, community/society development, executive coaching. She is particularly attracted to companies undergoing change, transforming a business model to accommodate growth and corporate diversification. She works with her clients in English and Arabic.
Merella Khoury


Executive and Certified Results Coach

Winner of the 5th ICF Middle East Prism Award

AoEC UAE Faculty

Merella is an experienced bi-lingual accredited and highly experiencedExecutive Coach,Entrepreneur, Director and Consultant with 30years’ experience. Merella has worked for multiple leading organisations in the region at senior levels and ran her own Training, Coaching and Consultancy firm for 15+ years working with senior management and executive teams.She has designed and delivered Leadership & Talent Development Workshops to numerous organisations and has coached over 800 employees at all levels, including Senior Executives at SVP, VP andC-suite levels. Merella is able to support her coachees achieve their highest potential through her adaptive style.She works with her clients in English and Arabic.


Frequently Asked Questions
The diploma is appropriate for people with a working understanding of coaching and is suitable for experienced coaches and professionals who want to become qualified, or who are building a portfolio career. People on previous courses have included:
  • Managers and team or group leaders of all levels
  • Human resource, Organisation Development and Talent Management professionals
  • Trainers or consultants 
  • Leadership and development roles
  • People in employment transition or returning to work
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers 
  • Chief Finance Officers
  • Heads of Departments
  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • GMs
  • Vice Presidents
  • In-house coaches 
  • Organisations wanting to build a coaching culture and training internal coaches
  • Individuals looking to become a coach or add coaching skills to their own business
  • Head teachers and university principals
There is a questionnaire, some recommended pre course reading and also some online learning via the interactive e-learning portal (approximately two hours). You are expected to find a minimum of two practice clients to work with, free of charge, during the programme (to be ready following module one onwards). We will provide some guidance around this.
As the modules are spaced out across 5-6 months, you can manage your time reasonably flexibly between modules.Commitments pre and post modules:
  • Pre Module 1: Recommended reading and around 1.5 hr of online pre-course viewing via our interactive e-learning portal.
  • Post Module 1: 
    • You will be required to start working with your practice clients (x 2) and log at least 10 coaching hours by the end of the programme. We recommend 1 or 2 x 1 hr practice coaching sessions per client following each module.
    • You will also need to join a group mentor coaching session, held via zoom for 1 hr 
    • 1 hr x small group discussion which is held either face to face or zoom (Depending on the location and agreement set between yourself and the small cohort that you chose to work with from your group during the module ). 
    • Individual Mentor Coaching sessions with a faculty member are held via Zoom for 1 hr
    • Around 2 hrs of online interactive e-learning is to be completed.
  • Post Module 2: 
    • Practice coaching sessions x 2 to 4 Group Mentor Coaching session
    • 1 x Small Group Discussion for 1 hr
    • 1 x Individual Mentor Coaching session for 1 hr
    • 1 x 2 hrs of interactive e-learning to be completed.
  • Post Module 3:
    • Practice coaching sessions x 2 to 4 Group Mentor Coaching session
    • 1 x Small Group Discussion for 1 hr
    • 1 x Individual Mentor Coaching session for 1 hr
    • Individual Tutorial with faculty member held via zoom for 30 minutes (usually added on to the individual Mentor Coaching session). 
    • 2 hrs of interactive e-learning to be completed.
  • Assessment
  As well as the above, for the assessment you will be required to:  
  • Complete 3,000 word learning essay 
  • Prepare a short presentation (20 minutes) of your coaching model.
We advise against missing days wherever possible and recommend working in the same cohort for the full duration of the course to enhance your personal learning journey and network building. If for any reason you need to transfer to another programme, we will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome.
The assessment consists of a full day with presentations held in the morning and coaching demonstrations in the afternoon.  Your 3,000 word essay will need to be completed and emailed to the relevant faculty member in advance of your assessment day.
The programme includes an assessment day and if for any reason, you do not pass, our faculty will continue to work closely with you to ensure you can re-submit your essay or repeat your demonstration or presentation.

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