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Whether you are looking to coach within an organisation or you will be working with external clients, the common denominator is that coaching is a skill that will bring about positive change for individuals and organisations.

We work with you to discover your own signature presence and through our unique experiential style, train you to become a qualified executive coach

3 Benefits of Becoming
an Accredited Coach

  1. Increased Credibility
    When you become accredited, you immediately increase your credibility as a coach. This can help you win the trust of potential clients and build long-term relationships with them.
  2. Opportunities for Growth
    Accreditation, allows you to take your coaching career to the next level and reach new heights. Better job opportunities will come your way, and your networking opportunities will increase.
  3. Enhanced Skillset
    Accreditation helps equip coaches with the latest tools and techniques in order to provide better service to their clients. Coaches who are accredited are able to offer more value to their clients and help them achieve their goals faster.


About The Program
“Think of Super-vision as a process of Reflection, Insight and Support. Supervision enhances‘ seeing’- the seeing into one’s practice, the illumination of subtle processes in coaching conversations and of blind spots in oneself and in one’s thinking.” - Edna Murdoch, CSA.
In Coaching Supervision, the purpose is to engage in a reflective dialogue and collaborative learning. The focus is on “Who you are” and “How you are BEING with your clients”. Coaches are invited to focus much more on what’s happening in their process and where the personal may be interfering with the professional.
The Coaching Skills Certificate does not qualify you as a coach but does provide you with 12 CPD hours towards the 60 required to apply for International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation via the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level portfolio route.

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Our Programs

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Group Supervision for Internal & External Coaches

This program is for up to 6 experienced internal or external coaches, with a minimum of two years of coaching experience, who would like to explore, reflect and learn on different aspects on your personal and professional development and growth.

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Group Supervision for Team Coaches

The goal of coaching supervision is much more systemic and wholistic; it supports your ongoing overall growth and development as a coach. This program is for Team Coaches inviting diversity and global mindsets into our reflective learning space.

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Selfcare - YOU Are So Worth It

This group supervision series for coaches, mentors, supervisors, coach trainers and leaders who are curious to explore this for themselves and their clients. Here I am inviting diversity and global mindsets into our reflective learning space to dance with our life experiences where there is no right or wrong.

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1:1 Coaching Supervision

Are you facing challenges in your coaching practice? Are you thinking it’s time to refine your coaching approach, style and create more meaningful transformations for your client?

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“Group supervision with Leila provided me the experience and diverse exposure to other coaches' clients and multiple views regarding what coaching cases require to move forward. This was a unique development opportunity for me to reflect inwards, reflect on different viewpoints, and find my unique voice and style as a coach. Within the group journey, I had the opportunity to receive personally focused safe space as well, to explore more deeply my 'self' as an instrument. If you are a savvy coach and looking for a creative and deeper way to grow your practice or profession, group supervision or one-on-one with Leila is a sure way to get you there.”

Irene Riad

PCC, STC, EQCC, CQC, Founder and CEO, SIGHTcet, Albania

“Coaching supervision in a group helped me to open up about my coaching, more than I expected. Since my course I hadn’t met others in this capacity. Learning together made a profound impact and I’m grateful for the way Leila graciously held the space for us.”

Laura Laugier

MA, BA Hon, NLP Master Practitioner, Principal CEO, WeFix UAE, Dubai

“Leila is the best supervisor you can imagine! After every session I felt I had clarity and ideas how I better could support my clients. Mostly I valued her great observation skills and how she worked with body posture and movement. Her warmth and humor made all sessions feel light and fun. She creates a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere at the same time as she challenges you to go to the root of the issue. I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants to understand themselves better and give more value to their clients!”

Katarina Stoltz

Life Coach and Psychotherapist, Germany

“Dear Leila, I would like to thank you for the supervision journey we had. The coaching skills you have and the supervision techniques you used empowered my leadership style and helped me to appreciate my journey. Thank you for being with me, for your honesty and for listening deeply to me. I enjoyed celebrating my achievements with you. Accordingly, I changed my style with my clients and the outcome is amazing. Thanks Leila and looking forward for more sessions with you. All the best my mentor and role model.”

Hanan Alharthy


“The focus on self was really powerful in helping to remove some of the personal roadblocks to make me a better coach. The sharing from the coach supervisor and other coaches are very insightful and inspirational. The metaphor of the Christmas zoom background has enlightened the way forward, coach brings the "Christmas Gifts" to the coaching session and present to the coachee, whether the coachee opens or what gift s/he get will be up to the coachee. This metaphor implicates rightly the R&R of Coach and Coachee. Leila was fantastic. Her use of metaphors was extremely powerful. Best coaching supervision session to date!”

Group Supervision for Internal Coaches in Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Singapore and Sri Lanka.


Meet Leila Rezaiguia


Leila Rezaiguia is a multi-lingual CSA Faculty & Accredited Coach Supervisor, Executive & Systemic Team Coach, Coach Trainer and ICF Mentor Coach. She is renowned for her high energy, enthusiasm, passion, fun-loving nature, and her love for building connections, empowering and working with people from diverse cultures, with over 25 years in publicand private sector across 5 continents. Leila lives between Dubai, UAE and Bodrum, Turkey.

As the co-founder of Kompass The Coaching Company and as the Head of Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC UAE covering GCC and Levant), Leila believes that being the best coach, mentor and supervisor you can be is about being a wholehearted human being connecting with others at the human level. She strives to consistently connecting with her diverse clients by showing up wholeheartedly, so they connect with who they truly are as they co-create their sacred relationships and do the work together.


Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching supervision is for internal, external and team coaches who want to grow personally and professionally in their individual or team coaching practice.

In Mentor Coaching, the focus is on the development of the coach’s coaching skills, competency development and ethics.

If you are an ICF accredited coach, your 10 hours of Mentor Coaching (7 hrs in group) and (3 x 1:1), or simply (10 hrs of 1:1 Mentor Coaching) are part of your Accreditation for your ACC, PCC or MCC credentialing path. The focus is on ICF competencies and ethics.

This depends on your preference and learning style. You can either join:

  • One to One: with a practising accredited coach supervisor who will meet you on a 1:1 basis.
  • Group Supervision: when there is more than one supervisee in the session led by an accredited coach supervisor. Here, the supervisees benefit from each other’s’ input as well as from the supervisor’s. Here the coach supervisor engages with the collective intelligence of the group.
  • Peer Supervision: Here the group supervises themselves without a coaching supervisor, as both supervisors are accredited and trained coach supervisors. It is about engaging in as a pair when each supervisor provides and receives supervision.

Please protect the date/time and make sure you are uninterrupted for the whole session. You need to attend the whole session and will not be permitted to join for part of a session.

You need to reflect beforehand on your coaching, and specific coaching relationships, and decide:

  • What one thing you would most like support for during the 1:1 or group supervision session.
  • What experiences you’ve had that might help shed light for you or other coaches in the session if in a group supervision.

Questions to consider as you choose what to bring:

  • What are you pleased with about your coaching that you are keen to embed further (with respect to a particular clients or types of clients/issues)?
  • What do you find yourself challenged by and less confident in handling (with respect to a particular client or types of clients/issues)?
  • Which current coaching relationship would you value getting fresh perspectives on?
  • What emotions and/or conflicts are you experiencing in specific coaching relationships?
  • Where are you flourishing? What are you learning that is helping you to be at your coaching best?
  • Where are you stuck? What are you resisting or letting get in the way of you being at your coaching best?

Candidates for the ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching are required to document completion of at least five (5) hours of coaching supervision or guided reflective practice with a coach who is trained in coaching supervision.

  • EMCC: Min of one hour of supervision per 35 hours of practice, a min of four hours a year.
  • Association of Coaching: at least one hour of supervision for every 15 hours of Coaching.
  • ICF:ICF Credential-holders may submit up to ten hours of Coaching Supervision (delivering or receiving) as core competency Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units toward their credential renewal.

You can still benefit from coaching supervision and engage in a reflective dialogue to enhance your self-awareness, deepen your understanding of your coaching style as it stands, understand more about your coaching style, strengths and explore your areas of growth.

This depends on whether you’re working in a 1:1 or in a group. Please connect with to discuss the rates.

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