Kick Start Your Career

Kick Start Your Career

Not Having An Effective Job Search Strategy Is The Biggest Mistake A Job Seeker Can Make

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The Average Job Opening Attracts 250 Resumes

Common Resume

The Most Common Resume Error Is Not Including Enough Relevant Achievements

Busiest Hiring

The Busiest Hiring Months Are Between April And June

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You will Need To Learn A Methodology To Help You Achieve Career Success

Of Recruiters Look for a resume that is tailored to the position

Of recruiters disqualify candidates who don’t send a ‘Thank you’ note after an interview

of recruiters use linkedin to research candidates

of applications are interviewed for 1 job opening 

of jobs are not published

Leaving Your Destiny In the Hands Of Fate
Is A Path To Failure

Your Discovery Plan

Secure The Career Of Your Dreams

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Go Through The Course

Execute and Succeed

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Trust is Earned

Your Toolkit Includes:

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Conducting A Self-Assessment


Mastering The Art Of Targeting Your Future Role

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Enhancing Your Personal Brand

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Salary Negotiating Skills

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Perfecting Your Interview

Do You Want To Avoid The Following?

Chance Your Cover Letter Won’t Be Read

Possibility your Collective Online Presence Leads To A Lost Opportunity

Probability Your Resume Would Be Flagged As Junk

How Asking the Right Questions can Save your Career​

Now that the pandemic has ended, there are new opportunities available to us. But we also need to be aware of the new risks that come with this new era.

It is important to ask yourself the right questions.

In this free resource, you will get many questions you need to be asking yourself to secure your dream job !

How asking the right questions can save your career

Your career coaches

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Award Winning Career Coaches

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Secure the Career of your Dreams

You are 1 step closer to finding your next job!
Learn the tried and tested methodologies that have helped over 10,000 individuals achieve career success !
– Over 50 years of our combines experience.
– Over 8 powerful modules of job search strategy
– Content delivered in global business schools – made available to you.achieve


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