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Did you know that over 40% of CEOs and managers fail within 18 months of their appointment? This alarming trend has increased demand for professional help, such as executive leadership coaching programmes. Individuals in a varied city like Abu Dhabi, with over 200 nationalities, seek to move into senior leadership roles amidst a backdrop of a strong economy, diversified career options, and a dynamic lifestyle.

However, the transfer to executive-level positions necessitates a considerable shift in concentration towards leadership, with 80% of a leader’s time spent on strategic thinking. This emphasises the significance of competent assistance.

At Kompass Consultancy, our Arabic executive coaches provide tailored coaching programmes to help you overcome these hurdles and excel in the competitive landscape.

How Can Executive
in Abu Dhabi Help?

An executive coach provides a professional service that helps executives or high-potential employees develop self-awareness, leadership skills, and other high-level abilities necessary to succeed and achieve the goals related to their corporate positions.

This guidance is action-based, where the leadership coach will focus on altering an individual’s thinking patterns and encourage tangible work and progress - with the ability to navigate change or handle difficult challenges related to their positions. 
All in all, our bilingual coach will aim to nurture intelligent, capable, and ambitious employees who are ready to take their place as leaders in the business world.

Results To Expect From Our Leadership Coach

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Better vision and focus on goals
  • Improved motivation & engagement
  • Better risk management skills
  • Ability to embrace and adapt to change
  • Effective communication and leadership skills
  • Improved confidence with high levels of autonomy
  • Ability to make informed proactive decisions
  • Strategic mindset
  • Ability to navigate workplace dynamics and culture
  • Empowered team members
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Improved social skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence

Why Choose Kompass

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Leadership Excellence

As one of the leading career and executive coaching providers in Abu Dhabi and the Middle East, we are honoured to have supported over 10,000 individuals around the world in enhancing their career and executive journey. 

We have been trusted by Governments, Semi Government entities, Multinationals and Top Business Schools across the Middle East region for over 15 years at the highest level (Board levels, C-Suite, GMs, Regional GMs, SVPs, VPs, Executive Directors, Directors, Heads of Department, Senior Managers, HIPOs etc).

Since 2018, Kompass has been the partner of AoEc in the GCC and Levant regions. Academy of Executive Coaching Ltd (AoEC) is one of the world’s most certified learning providers with triple executive coaching accreditation from the industry's leading professional bodies – Association for Coaching (AC), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Our Executive Coaches’ Approach

Our leadership coaching programmes target two distinct categories: (1) executives seeking personal development to flourish in their roles, and (2) organisations wanting to grow their executives into successful leaders to achieve position-specific goals. With over 50 years of expertise, we understand the value of specialised coaching that is aligned with industry, job positions, and individual qualities. As a result, our coaching plans are tailored to each individual’s personality and make them easy to implement.

Our executive coaching programmes follow tried-and-tested strategies and techniques, making sure they offer sustainable, fool-proof results that create a positive impact in transforming your career. We trust that these values guiding our company are the primary reason we are accepted as one of the reliable providers of bilingual leadership coaching in Abu Dhabi and the Middle East in general.

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Frequently Asked

Executive coaching is a professional service that helps executives and high-potential employees improve their self-awareness, leadership abilities, and overall effectiveness in their corporate responsibilities. An executive coach enables individuals to overcome problems, make educated decisions, and confidently achieve their professional goals by providing personalised assistance and action-oriented techniques.

Yes, our team comprises ICF-accredited multilingual executive coaches who are fluent in both English and Arabic. This guarantees that clients from various linguistic origins may actively participate in the coaching process and receive tailored support in their preferred language, resulting in improved understanding and more meaningful outcomes.

Kompass Consultancy has over 50 years of coaching experience and a proven track record of success with governmental agencies, international enterprises, and prestigious business schools around the Middle East. Our personalised approach, combined with ICF accreditation and connections with major coaching organisations, guarantees that our clients receive high-quality, results-driven coaching experiences.

The executive coaching process starts with an introductory meeting to examine your goals and needs. From there, our coaches will lead you on a path of self-discovery, goal alignment, and personalised coaching plans that are suited to your specific challenges and goals. With continued assistance and reflection, you will improve your self-awareness, decision-making, communication skills, and leadership effectiveness.

Our executive coaching programmes serve two primary audiences: individual executives seeking personal and professional development, and organisations looking to develop their leadership talent pool. Whether you’re an executive trying to improve your leadership abilities or an organisation looking to create effective leaders, our coaching services can help you achieve your goals and thrive in Abu Dhabi’s competitive business landscape and beyond.


“Throughout my time in Australia, I had been working on my career in areas that I was good at, not what I was interested in. Working with Gaj on how to best demonstrate my leadership skills and to sell myself, I was able to get promoted within my top tier consulting firm to higher levels to support the Partners on highly strategic projects across the region. ”


Management Consulting

“I was lost in my career and frustrated with where I was in my life. I was referred onto Kompass to receive career coaching and over the next 2 months, I managed to build a process for me to find that next role. It helped me to break my old patterns and unhealthy thoughts. I now have the tools to use for the rest of my life!”


Mechanical Engineer

“Kompass helped me to get to the job offer stage! I was getting to interviews and just not able to move forward to the acceptance stage. I got to practice my interviews in a safe environment with the help of an interview guide and the feedback given to me was so helpful in modifying my responses. Thank you Kompass!”


Human Resources

“INSEAD Career Development for Working Professionals has partnered up with Kompass Consultancy for over 5 years, to deliver top quality career coaching for the executive participants of INSEAD degree programmes. Both Gaj and Leila had offered exceptional one to one coaching services to executives who transition in their careers, aim for internal acceleration or wish to create their own ventures. Kompass has also designed tailored trainings for our executive participants, which helped in developing their skills, preparing them for the global markets and helping them deal with the uncertainties of international job search. As trusted partners to our office, they have always delivered top quality content and services, with a speed and efficiency, friendliness and professionalism. Both our executive students and our staff at INSEAD CDWP, value and love working with Kompass!””

Stella Mantechou, Associate Director

Career Development for Working Professionals

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