Three Ways To Find Meaning In Your Job

All of us, at one point or another, have felt the work we are doing lacks purpose. Many people take huge leaps each year to abandon jobs and start new ventures that fill them with meaning and purpose, but for many of us, that is not a simple option. So, instead we stay in the same habit of being unfulfilled, changing nothing, and dreaming of a life we will never possess. Do not despair if this is you, because it is not your only option.

There are many ways that professionally you can find more meaning and fulfillment in where you work, what you do, and who it affects. Of course, finding a way to actually begin feeling a purpose in what you do can be extremely challenging to figure out.

I am sharing three ways you can begin finding meaning in your current job. You will not find any drastic changes here, just functional ways to incorporate more meaning into your everyday life.

Start Internally: Find Your Path

The first step to finding meaning in your job is to look at the purpose of what you do. It is easy to write off our jobs as meaningless and purposeless because we do not see the everyday effect that our actions have. Despite this, whether we see it or not, every job has some type of meaning. Every job that exists serves a purpose and that is why society created it.

The trick to finding the meaning can be answered in three simple questions:

When we know the answers to these questions, we can begin to see ourselves in the bigger picture and take meaning from that. Perhaps we support the larger goal of the organization, unknowingly provide safety by following procedures or make someone’s life easier by the tasks we do.

Once you know how your job benefits and reflects values, you can compare those values to your personal ones and begin constructing your job and work-life to reflect what you want. You do not have to know the path right away; you just have to be aware of what the goal is, so you can find that path.

Start Small: Help Those Around You

A great way to find meaning in your job is to begin by being a leader of change within the actual workplace. Talk to people and find out what options your workplace has for volunteering or making impactful connections with other employees. If there are no options, evaluate a need in your workplace or community, and take the initiative to change it.
There are little steps you can take to make your workplace feel more impactful. Involving your office in a food drive, or a campaign for a local charity can be easy and rewarding; organizing birthday cards, or office support systems can benefit the days of those you work with; even establishing a mentor/mentee relationship program with new hires can help the company, and yourself feel like you are giving back. These ideas are small and easy to execute, but they can make a major impact on the meaning you attribute to your position.
Just remember, if you feel unfulfilled, chances are your co-workers do too! Take the initiative to be a leader of change and make your job and workplace better.

Go Big: Offer your Services for Good

Everyone is unique, and no matter what job you perform, you have developed skills and attributes that could be of service to many people. Offering your services to NGOs or people in need is a great place to start taking your professional job and making it useful to people. If you begin using the skills, attributes, and services you complete every day to benefit people, you will feel the impact you are making.
Recently, Kompass Consultancy started an initiative with the Government of Jamaica, where we are offering a scholarship for 1,000 Jamaicans who are unemployed and searching for jobs. The aim of the initiative is to kickstart employment by providing these individuals with skills and resources to help them upskill and find new employment opportunities. We are taking the services we have and applying them in scenarios that will help people and make a bigger impact.
This work can take time and energy, but if you are set on making a difference and adding meaning to the work you do, this is an excellent way to find that fulfillment by benefitting others. Just make sure what you do is always aligning with your values, and you can’t go wrong.
Have you ever been in this situation? What are things you have done to find meaning in your job?

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